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Bilingual Concierge Services in Medellin

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

One of the major challenges you may face in Medellin is communication challenge. If you do not understand Spanish, communicating in Medellin and any other part of Colombia will be a major challenge. Locals and many businesspeople do not speak or understand English, and you must find an effective solution if you want to enjoy your stay in the city. Thankfully, there is a solution with Things to do Medellin providing free Bilingual concierge services.

Since the boom in tourism in Medellin, there has been significant progress made to address the problem of communication challenge. The city now has many bilingual individuals working in various capacities to help people get around some simple and complex tasks. We have some of the best ready to assist you at

Excellent Providers of Concierge Services

Quite a number of these bilingual individuals (English and Spanish speakers) work for several agencies, offering assistance in translation, booking, and any services an English-speaking tourist may want to perform with nationals who do not understand English. There are also some of them that work as individual contractors that can be hired at friendly rates. There are also live chat and call centers in Medellin that employ bilingual individuals to help tourists.

Even if you are not a fluent speaker of English, somewhere in Medellin, there is someone who can understand Spanish and whatever language you speak. Reaching such individual may prove a hard nut to crack or absolutely impossible if you choose to try on your own. With the right help, however, you will find a friendly bilingual person to help you get around and enjoy your stay in Medellin.

We Connect You With the Right Professionals

The “bilingual concierge” category of our services will be beneficial to you in this regard. We have access to some of the most fluent and bilingual individuals in Medellin that can be engaged at very friendly rates. Without a good bilingual individual helping you to perform certain tasks, you’ll likely miss out on some of the best things Medellin has to offer.

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